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If you’re grappling with injuries or grieving a lost loved one in Florida, consider the expertise of Kibbey Wagner at your service. With our devoted personal injury lawyers in Port St Lucie, we’re here to help you attain the financial compensation you justly merit. Connect with us at (772) 247-3374 to explore how we can stand by your side.


In regions like Martin County, St Lucie County, and Palm Beach County, we’re recognized for standing up against daunting challenges and delivering premier results for the injured across Florida. Since our inception in 2014, our outstanding legal team has clinched over $60 million for our esteemed clientele – and we’re geared up to advocate for you.


At the heart of our practice lies a deep commitment to fostering genuine bonds with our clients, valuing each one as an extension of our family. Choose our services and feel the intimate care of a niche firm, complemented by the dynamism of a large-scale entity. Negotiation might be our forte, but we stand poised to litigate when necessary.


Boasting a comprehensive history in court battles and a myriad of cases in our repertoire, we’re honored to include a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer in our ranks, a distinction reserved for the crème de la crème 1% of Florida lawyers. Entrust your case to our unique mix of skill, knowledge, and time-tested acumen.


When adversity hits, oftentimes entities, especially insurance companies, will strive to compensate you minimally. Stand your ground and don’t settle for less. Partner with our legal experts in Port St Lucie, or our additional offices for a free consultation and witness our unwavering commitment to your rights.

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    Personal Injury Lawyer & Car Accident Attorney Headquarters

    The proficient team of personal injury attorneys in Port St Lucie stand ready to assist you in securing the financial recompense you deserve.

    Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Attorney Serving Port St Lucie

    At Kibbey Wagner, our experienced legal team deeply understands the emotional and logistical hurdles you face. Throughout our tenure, we’ve steadfastly stood beside numerous injured parties and their families, guiding them toward the rightful compensation after devastating mishaps.


    Choosing us as your legal advocates translates to collaborating with a firm where each attorney is intricately connected to the specifics of your situation. Our unwavering commitment ensures you never feel sidelined or reduced to merely a case number. We prioritize nurturing profound relationships with our clients, reminiscent of familial ties.


    We’re acutely aware of the apprehension, strain, and myriad concerns that arise after unforeseen incidents. Hence, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering timely updates and thorough explanations at every legal twist and turn. Our commitment to transparent communication ensures you’re consistently in the know, feeling supported and empowered.


    With Kibbey Wagner, you’re not merely retaining a law firm; you’re aligning with a team of compassionate supporters resolute in accompanying you on every leg of your journey.




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    We offer free consultations where we'll evaluate your case to get a clear picture of your circumstances, and guide you through the expected proceedings.

    Our approach is based on a contingency fee system; you're not liable for any charges unless we achieve a favorable outcome in your case.

    It's imperative to contact an injury attorney promptly after your accident or injury. Initiating a claim quickly enhances the robustness of your case.

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