Premises Liability Lawyer Palm Beach Gardens

The intricacies of a premises liability claim can be as daunting as the incident itself, particularly when navigating the specific nuances of Palm Beach Gardens’ laws. With Kibbey Wagner at your side, you’re equipped with seasoned expertise every step of the way. Our dedicated premises liability lawyer is committed to championing the rights of those injured due to negligent property conditions. If you find yourself facing the aftermath of such an incident, connect with us at 561-944-4000 for a free consultation, ensuring that your path to justice is both clear and compelling.

What to Expect During a Premises Liability Claim in Palm Beach Gardens

A serene afternoon stroll or a visit to a local establishment in Palm Beach Gardens can turn calamitous if you become a victim of a hazardous condition on someone else’s property. Such accidents fall under premises liability law, where property owners can be held accountable for injuries sustained due to their negligence. Navigating a premises liability claim can be daunting, but with the right knowledge, you can confidently move through the process. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

Consultation with an Attorney

Your first step should be to seek guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney familiar with Palm Beach Gardens’ laws. This initial consultation, typically free, will allow the lawyer to evaluate the viability of your claim and chart the best course of action.

Investigation of the Incident

For a strong case, gathering detailed evidence is paramount. This includes:

  • Photographs of the hazardous condition
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Medical reports documenting your injuries
  • Surveillance footage, if available

Notification of All Parties

Once you decide to pursue the claim, all involved parties need to be notified. This typically includes the property owner and their insurance provider.

Engaging in Settlement Negotiations

Many premises liability claims in Palm Beach Gardens are resolved through out-of-court settlements. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company or the defendant’s legal representation, aiming to secure fair compensation without the need for a trial.

Filing a Lawsuit

If a settlement can’t be reached, your attorney will file a lawsuit against the responsible parties. This initiates the formal legal process, giving both sides ample time to gather further evidence and build their cases.

The Discovery Phase

This is a period where both sides exchange information. It involves:

  • Interrogatories: Written questions that the opposing side must answer.
  • Depositions: Sworn testimonies taken out of court.
  • Requests for documents, such as maintenance records or internal communications.


If no agreement is reached during the discovery phase, the case progresses to trial. Here, both sides present their evidence, call witnesses, and make arguments before a judge or jury.

Verdict and Potential Appeals

After hearing both sides, the judge or jury will render a verdict. If you’re successful, you’ll be awarded damages. However, the losing side might opt to appeal the decision, leading to further legal proceedings.

Receiving Compensation

Once the verdict is finalized, and any appeals are resolved, you’ll receive the awarded compensation. This can be a lump-sum payment or structured settlements, depending on the specifics of the verdict.

While a premises liability claim in Palm Beach Gardens can be intricate, understanding the steps involved demystifies the process. With a seasoned personal injury attorney by your side, you’ll not only navigate the legal landscape with confidence but also stand a strong chance of securing the justice and compensation you deserve.

Key Evidence Components 

In the realm of personal injury law, premises liability claims hold a special place, focusing on injuries sustained on someone else’s property due to their negligence. Ensuring success in these claims requires presenting compelling evidence that unequivocally establishes the property owner’s negligence. For residents of Palm Beach Gardens looking to pursue such a claim, understanding the vital pieces of evidence becomes crucial. Here’s an overview of the most essential components:

Photographic and Video Evidence

Images speak louder than words, especially in legal proceedings:

  • Photographs of the hazardous condition that caused the injury.
  • Pictures showing inadequate lighting, wet floors without warning signs, broken staircases, or any other unsafe conditions.
  • If available, surveillance footage capturing the incident.

Eyewitness Testimonies

Those who witnessed the incident firsthand can provide:

  • Detailed accounts of what they saw.
  • Descriptions of the hazardous conditions.
  • Testimonies about previous incidents or complaints related to the same hazard.

Medical Records

An irrefutable connection between the hazard and the injury is vital. Medical documentation serves this purpose:

  • Immediate medical evaluations post-incident.
  • Treatment details, including surgeries, therapies, and medications.
  • Prognosis and any expected long-term implications of the injury.

Maintenance and Inspection Records

These records can shed light on the property owner’s knowledge and negligence:

  • Maintenance schedules and logs.
  • Any prior complaints or reports about the hazard.
  • Previous repair attempts or lack thereof.

Incident Reports

If the injury happened at a commercial establishment, there might be an official incident or accident report. This document can provide:

  • Details of the incident as recorded by the property’s management.
  • Information about any immediate actions taken post-incident.

Weather Reports

For outdoor incidents, weather conditions can play a pivotal role:

  • Was the walkway slippery due to rain or snow?
  • Were there icy conditions that were not addressed?

Weather reports from the day of the incident can bolster your claim, especially if the hazardous condition was weather-related and not managed.

Expert Testimonies

In certain complex cases, expert opinions can provide clarity:

  • Safety Experts: Can attest to the unsafe nature of the premises.
  • Medical Professionals: Can delve deeper into the injuries and their connection to the accident.

Ownership and Control Evidence

It’s essential to establish who had control over the property and, thus, the duty of care:

  • Lease agreements.
  • Property deeds.
  • Rental agreements.

The strength of a premises liability claim in Palm Beach Gardens often hinges on the quality and comprehensiveness of the evidence presented. Being thorough in collecting all pertinent evidence components ensures that the scales of justice tip in the victim’s favor. Partnering with an adept personal injury attorney can significantly simplify this process, ensuring every piece of evidence is meticulously gathered and strategically presented.

Navigating Forward with a Premises Liability Claims Attorney

In the aftermath of an accident, the path to justice and compensation can seem clouded with complexities. Yet, with the expert guidance of Kibbey Wagner, clarity emerges, empowering victims to stand firm in their quest for justice. Palm Beach Gardens residents deserve representation that’s both compassionate and compelling when navigating the challenges of premises liability claims. As you consider your next steps, remember that our dedicated team is just a call away. Reach out to us at 561-944-4000 for a free consultation and together, let’s build a robust case that protects your rights and interests.